Today, the New York State Assembly’s Health Committee refused to vote on Assembly Member Katz’s anti-choice bill & passed the Reproductive Health Act. Now we must wait for the State legislature to vote on the bill.


This important pro-choice bill will update New…

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This warms my heart.

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❝ “Physicians must be free to advise and treat their patients based on their medical knowledge and expertise and not have their advice overridden by elected officials seeking to impose their own ideological agenda on others.” — Governor Beverly Perdue (D-North Carolina), on vetoing NC’s recent bill that would require an ultrasound and mandatory counseling with a 24 hour waiting period afterward for women needing an abortion.
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The House is scheduled to vote on the anti-choice bill HR 358 tomorrow, this bill would not allow government funds to subsidize any private insurance that covers abortion services. This bill is unneeded and is almost the same thing as the Hyde Amendment and the Stupak Amendment. To contact your representative call 443-503-4917. Just because the Senate and Obama won’t pass it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call. Your reps should know how you feel!
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Personhood Amendment in Mississippi Would Outlaw Birth Control


Supporters of a personhood amendment in Mississippi confirm that this amendment will outlaw birth control.

Even Mississppi’s conservative Governor is concerned about the “ambiguity” of the bill’s language. The vote happens next week.

Please reblog!! Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy, Abortion and the Pill ARE NOT CRIMES.

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"Susan B Anthony & Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011"


The name of Rep. Franks’ racist and misogynistic antichoice bill that is currently being discussed in House Judiciary Committee.

Follow @RCRChoice, @AmplifyTweets, and @RachelPerrone who are all live-tweeting the hearing.

Is he kidding us with this name?! Ugh!

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Little known fact: holding a thin mint between your knees = homemade abortion.

Anti-choice conservative SCIENCE.
[partly in response to this]



Little known fact: holding a thin mint between your knees = homemade abortion.

Anti-choice conservative SCIENCE.

[partly in response to this]

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leeleeleelee submitted: “This is the reality of Texas’ ultrasound for abortion bill.  A 30 year old Texas woman’s fetus’ heart stopped beating after 12 weeks.  The options given were to wait until miscarriage, give birth to it, or to abort it (the preferred, safest option).  She has to look at an ultrasound of her already dead fetus and if she looks away, she will have to listen to the Doctor describe it.”


I don’t have anything snarky to say about this. This is heartbreaking. These ultrasound laws are cruel, invasive, and do nothing to lower abortion rates.


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❝ My sentiment is that any woman ready to permit the removal of her baby from her womb ought to have to look it in the eye first.

“Dr.” Laura on forced ultrasound laws.

I’d pay money to watch “Dr.” Laura locate the eyes on a 9wk-old fetus.

Also, cis-sexist (of course).

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He’s going to have a difficult time finding a baby in a womb, too.

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GARLAND: I think one of the most important things we could do is to continually find ways to make pro-choice people proud and forthright about their beliefs, to puff them up with moral superiority and FACTS and send them out into the world with the conviction that abortion isn’t shameful, not even a little, that supporting abortion is not merely the right thing to do but opposing abortion is morally obscene, and that anyone who questions these two premises is more invested in self-righteousness than they are in human lives. I think if we could drain the residual shame from the movement and create activists who aren’t simply pro-choice but who understand that being “pro-life” is a symptom of not knowing what the fuck you’re talking about and not giving a damn as long as you can think of yourself as morally superior, we could move this fight toward a decisive victory.

Jessica runs the awesome pro-choice blog, Keep Your Boehner Out Of My Uterus.

I love Garland Grey and his beautiful mind. 

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❝ One woman I spoke to broke down crying when I told her the nearest clinic was ten hours away. I informed her that there was another group who could help arrange travel, and yet another group that existed soley to provide lodgings. It didn’t matter. She couldn’t take that time off work. The call ended with her saying she would find another way. She didn’t mean she would go to a CPC and they would magically help her carry to term (cause they never do, the “help” stops the moment you are too far along for an abortion). She meant she was going to risk her life and her health. She was going to seek out a back-alley abortion, because legislators had systematically taken away all of the clinics she could have gone to in her area a few years ago. I keep hoping this woman calls us back.

The Abortion Fairy

This is an incredible and important post about abortion funds, restrictive legislation on abortion, and the harsh realities of the USA right now.

[NB: more people than just cis women want and need access to abortion care.]

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