the scene that never gets old!!

I was never certain on whether he was pissed that Pam brought Sookie there or not. He didn’t sound pissed, even though he questioned Pam and when she sassed him he gave her the nod to get lost and then he goes on and flaunts it all (literally) to Sookie. And he gets a dig on Bill while at it, lol. It was really amusing.also… great edit… the smokish blueishness of it, I like.

I don’t think that Eric was happy at all that Pam purposefully let Sookie “catch” him in the act with Yvetta.But at the same time, he is excited to see her, and makes most of the it.

Yeah, I don’t think he was all that thrilled that she saw him with Yvetta. Not that he’s doing anything he shouldn’t be, but it’s probably not the impression he wanted Sookie to have of him. :) But Eric is a practical guy. Once the situation is unfolding, he’s going to make the best of it. 

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    Oh man.
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    THIS was the show I loved. Nothing more to add. You’ve said it all.
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    Or maybe Pam wanted Sookie to see what she’s missing out on. After all she has the best master ever.
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    Agree…Eric wasn’t happy with Pam. Pam, at this point, has no idea just how intrigued and connected Eric is to Sookie....
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    A buck ass naked Viking with a raging hardon, having just pulled out of a naked woman. I think it was Eric making the...
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