❝ I feel very comfortable declaring Season 5 the year of the Pam

Michael Ausiello, TVLine (Source)

FUCK YES! Bring on June 10

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I am very comfortable declaring Michael Ausiello a total gasbag. Anything out of him is either old news or inflated nonsense. I’m just going by the precedent he set of everything ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pam, and I am all for her getting a meatier storyline. And, as we know already, she will. However, I doubt very much, with all that is going to be developing plot-wise, it is going to be “the year of Pam” or the year of any one character. 

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I don’t care about what Ausiello says either, but I would be extremely glad if Pam came to have a major role in the big picture, instead of being just a character foil for Bill or Eric or Sookie.

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Well, sure, but what kind of a major role in the big picture? A member of the Authority? 

Every character is a foil for another characters. That’s why there is more than one charter in most narratives. Characters need each other to keep their stories in motion. Otherwise it’s one long monologue.

Pam wasn’t much in the books, just a sidekick who provided an occasional exposition, and it’s fine. Those are needed, too. She sort of gained more traction on the show, and it’s been set in motion at the end of last season, that she will be branching out. It’s pretty clear she will have something else to do this season, that doesn’t necessarily involve Eric. But she will be a character foil for Tara. And Tara will be a character foil for Pam. In the way that two characters provide each other with the catalyst for movement and development. 

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